About us

About Us

We Provide Fast & Safe Service to Our Customers

The main motive of our company is to provide top-quality logistic movement service which is not only lightning fast but also 100% safe. And that's why we have committed ourselves to quality over quantity since forever. We believe that whatever level of work we do, we must not compromise the quality of service. And that's why there are high standards of practices followed by Truck24hrs.

Under all our premium package delivery services, we offer a 100% protection guarantee to our customers and promise them that their product will reach its destination in the same tip-top condition just like the moment when it was given to us.

Till now, we have not faced even a single case of mishandling of packages. Thanks to strict and extensive procedures followed by our employees, we have managed to remain error-free even after transferring millions of packages to thousands to cities in our country.

To make sure our customers are well aware of the location of their package, we constantly update the status of the package on the website. There, our customers can check the current location of their shipment and hence can plan accordingly if there exists some pre-planned event connected to the delivery of the shipment.

This step is done to keep the whole system transparent and easily accessible to both the company and the customer. For any type of rare grievances, we have a completely different team to look into the issue faced by the customer. And each query is solved within the delivery period of the parcel itself to continue the hassle-free transport procedures.

Why People Choose Truks24hrs?

We are your one-stop solution for any type of freight-related service. We constantly develop ourselves, and we believe to inculcate more technology into our daily routine from time to time. Our website is designed well enough to help you get your quotation as soon as you submit your request. Our team behind the scenes is constantly working to provide you with the best possible service at the least possible price that is possible.

    In addition to all this, we will give

  • Live tracking of your package
  • Instant and secured payment to clear dues online itself
  • A quick and well responsive support team to help you 24*7

Fast & Safe Delivery

Our promise to keep your shipment safe is intact with every type of package that your use. We assure you that your parcel will remain just like it should be.

Product Security

We go through stringent checks at every point in our delivery process to make sure there is no chance of any security breach to any one of our customer shipments.

Price Oriented

Our services are meant to be one of the most affordable options you will be getting out there. We believe in service affordable price-oriented services only

Secured Payment

All the payment methods used by our payment checkouts pages are 100% secured. We assert the security of personal payment information a lot.

24/7 Support

Our support team is online 24*7 to help you out with your queries. We have a quick response team that ensures to solve your problems at the earliest.

Well Experienced

All our employees are experts and have years of experience in the field of work they are doing. We offer work to only those who have a minimum qualification and pass our high standards of recruitment.